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Our History

The History of Our Church:

The Knobs community being among the oldest settlements in Shelby County came into existence in 1832. In 1837, the need for a church became a priority among the settlers, so they organized the Knobs Community Church. In approximately 1841 the building was built to house the worship services. Then in 1852, the Separate Baptist Church of Christ was organized; changing the name from Knobs Community Church. Their pastor was Rev. Willis Whitfield. In 1858 there were 3 pastors, Samuel Vaught, F.S. Randolph and Bro. Turner.

Again a name change in June 1861, the Providence Baptist Church was organized with Rev. Willis Whitfield as Pastor. He was released in 1867. During this time Bro. Turner, Bro. Penman and Bro. F.S. Randolph took turns helping with the preaching. In the years to follow the pastors were: 1870-1876 Bro. F.S. Randolph, 1876-1877 Bro. N. Corley, 1877-1873 Samuel Vaught, 1883-1885 C.P. Roberts, 1885-1888 Bro. F.S. Randolph, 1888-1890 C.P. Roberts, 1890-1891 Bro. Levi Corley, 1891-1892 James W. Tolley, 1892-1895 M.C. Jones and Elder Freeman, 1895-1898 M.C. Jones, 1898-1901 C.P. Roberts, 1901-1903 Levi Corley, 1903 C.P. Roberts, 1903-1912 Levi Corley, 1912-1914 D.A. Belmar.

The old church building was moved and on this present site in the fall of 1914 the new building was built. Pastors who served were: 1915-1916 C.P. Roberts, 1916-1918 J.F. Pease, 1918-1920 J.E. Bowman, 1920 No church services because of not being able to get a pastor, 1921-1922 Bro. Spears, 1922-1923 No church services, 1923-1924 A.J. Burnville, 1924-1927 W.F. Buskirk. In the late 1920's the church was being called the Knobs Providence Baptist Church.

1927-1932 there were no church services. 1932-1933 Bro. Chappell was pastor. In 1933 Bro. Lloyd Rodman preached his first sermon. In 1933 Church closed for the winter. In 1934 the church opened again with Bro. Lloyd Rodman preaching through 1942. 1942-1943 Harmon Etter acted as pastor. 1943-1944 L.W. Hostetler. In the mid 1940's Providence was dropped from the church title to Knobs Baptist Church as it is to this present date.

1944-1982 Bro. Lloyd Rodman served as pastor. In 1949 the basement was put under the building for classrooms and fellowship. In 1953 the parsonage was purchased in DoIlville. In the fall of 1958 a class room was added to the northwest corner of the present building. In October 1960, 5 more class rooms were built on the east end of the present church building and extending the basement. Also adding parking space. In September 1980 the fellowship hall was completed and dedicated in the northeast section of the church property.

1982-1986 Don Strothers was pastor, 1987-1991 John O'Neil, 1991-1992 Dan Adkins, 1992-1994 Glenn Baker, Interim Pastor and in January of 1994 Our present pastor Randy Miller was called.


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